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A. W. Exley - steampunk author

I am a steampunk writer and prolific reader. This is a peek into my bookshelf.

Something ALL Indie Writers Should Read...


The Missing Mechanical Mouse - A.W. Exley This is a free short story, for those who have finished NEFERTITI'S HEART. A visiting card summons Cara Devon to assist a noble woman who has lost a small mechanical mouse...
Hatshepsut's Collar - A.W. Exley What to say about this one? It is a different journey to the first book, so I hope you don't mind too much. After all, it is easy to fall in love with someone, but then you have to figure out how to live with all their little quirks, and whatever they have buried in the basement ;)More of Nate is revealed (as Shrek would say, he has layers, like an onion), there is a poignant glimpse into Jackson's past, Nan & Nessy upstage everyone in their pages, and Loki... what can I do with Loki...? *sigh*
Nefertiti's Heart - A.W. Exley I wrote it, so I'm kinda biased :)An ancient artefact, a kick arse heroine, a serial killer & a bad boy Viscount, sexiness, airships and pirates - what more could you want?

Ocean Kills (Ocean Breeze, #1)

Ocean Kills (Ocean Breeze, #1) - Jade Hart I'm not a big reader of urban fantasy, but this book grabbed me on the first page and didn't let go until the end. Ocean Breeze is a Dexter-like killer, seeking to rid the world of evil. Callan Bliss is the oh-so-smexy cop on her tail. They have a chemistry that jumps off the page at you, but I love that this isn't a sweet romance, its dark, twisted and the author leaves you begging for more.Can't wait for the release of the sequel :)

Even White Trash Zombies Get the Blues

Even White Trash Zombies Get the Blues - Diana Rowland I love these books, they are an entertaining read and a fantastic spin on the zombie idea. Can't wait for #3.

Pack Challenge

Pack Challenge - Shelly Laurenston A fun read with quirky characters that was easily devoured in one day.

The Selection

The Selection - I tried to read this book, given all the hype surrounding it. And I believe a film deal is in the works.Alas I only made it to page 50... and at least now I now not to bother buying a movie ticket if/when it comes out.
The Iron Duke -  Meljean Brook Steampunk, sexy Duke. What is there not to like? sigh...

My Life as a White Trash Zombie

My Life as A White Trash Zombie - Diana Rowland This was a great, entertaining summer read.Love her zombie mythos that she weaves through the story. Few niggles with the writing style/editing, but I will be devouring the others in the series. Finally a zombie character I can root for! :)
Dearly, Departed - Lia Habel I really wanted to LOVE this book. Finally, a zombie love interest!I just felt let down and slightly used after finishing it. Like a day old kleenex...Multiple POVs that all sound the same. Maybe 3rd person might have been a better way to go. Gadgets for the sake of gadgets that didn't really fit the flow of the story and it just failed to live up to its potential. I love Bram as a hero, I just think the story could have been so much more.